What is this blog?

I think there’s an interesting intersection between technology, theology and methodology. I write about those things and how they collide.

I’m constantly researching and experimenting to find new tactics, tools, and techniques to do more that matters. I want to share this information so you can learn from my experience (and failures) and become more effective in what you do.

I post 1–2 times per week and I write about Jesus (theology), apps and services (technology) and how to do things better (methodology).

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Who is this guy?

Well, here’s the part where I drop in a picture.

Jordan Shirkman

I’m a follower of Jesus, husband to the incomprable Niki, a dad to a little girl, and I work with Cru in Ljubljana, Slovenia helping college students live out a life that will matter for eternity. I help people leverage all God has given them.

I tweet and blog because I like connecting with people and helping others grow in their faith and abilities. I like puns (because I’m a 20-something that acts like a dad) and I got one of my better puns made into a shirt. I traded my 22nd birthday for clean water. I like Chemex coffee, budgets, reading, and reading while drinking coffee and budgeting.

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe by email or by RSS.

Where do I start?

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