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1. Fresh posts, served up twice a week.

I launch a carrier pigeon out to conveniently drop helpful posts right into your inbox. It’s like getting tasty chocolates on your pillow in a fancy hotel, but without having to pay for a hotel.

2. Completely free.

Unlike free lunches, which normally have some strings attached, this string-free subscription is loaded with freeness.

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5. Tools, resources, and ideas to make an impact without the hassle of finding them yourself.

Curated by my brain, written by my fingers, tested on my life. I play the guinea pig so you don’t have to.

6. Followers are the coolest.

This data is more qualitative than quantitative, but the stats don’t lie. Followers rock the house.

7. What would Jesus do?

It’s hard to say exactly, but I think he’d subscribe, because we’re friends. Friends follow other friends’ blogs. If we’re not friends, subscribe, and we will be.

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